Christmas Home Decoration Contest

All day
All day
This event does not repeat

WITHIN Town Limits of Chase City ONLY

Catergories:  1 - Doorway     

                    2 - Overall

                        a. 1 Story House

                        b. 2 Story House

                    3 - Novelty

                    4 - Religious              

Ribbons to be awarded:  1st Place - Blue

                                    2nd Place - Red

                                    3rd Place - Yellow

                                     Honorabe Mention - White

                                     Outstanding Blue Ribbon Winner - TRI -COLOR

                                     (the same residence cannot receive this award for 2 consecutive years)

JUDGES will consider:

ORIGINALITY - unique design & creative use of lights & decorations

ARRANGEMENT - display & placement of decorations & lights

THEME - "Story" line or scene should not be mixed.... Example: Religious & Novelty at 1 residence.

OVERALL PRESENTATION - Neatness, use of Fresh Greens/Fruit (not mandatory), method used to obscure spotlights & attach decorations.